Our Mission

Ghost Harbor Creative’s mission is to cultivate, support, and sustain Asbury Park’s diverse and vibrant creative community through unique programming that directly serves the needs of local visual, literary, and performing artists. As a multidisciplinary gallery and performance space, we aim to provide local emerging artists the opportunity to showcase their works and profit directly without the fees associated with exhibiting in galleries or rental spaces. This will bring more recognition to Asbury Park’s arts scene and help support creatives who have lost income and opportunities due to the pandemic.

Not only will we offer a physical outlet for artists to exhibit, writers to read and discuss their works, and musicians to perform intimate sets for a captive audience, we will also provide a space to congregate for educational purposes. Ghost Harbor Creative will offer free and donation-based poetry and songwriting workshops — led by published and professional writers and musicians — for students and adults seeking educational opportunities that are not currently offered (or have been defunded) through traditional school systems.

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