The Three Floaters Art Exhibition

The Three Floaters is an art exhibition by three ladies who were divinely brought together while floating and gliding in our Mother Earth’s ocean waves. While Inspired and unified by an infinite love and appreciation for our natural world, each woman has a unique story to tell through their individual art expression. Come discover what happens when three powerful women come together, build each other up, and support each other’s passions.

About the Artists

Ava Ray Jordan

Ava’s work captures our natural world, and our natural minds. While entering a meditative trance-like state, her mental movements are transmuted into ink illustrations on paper.

She’s the Creator behind the emerging Ava Ray Doodles, LLC, a place where her designs live and can be enjoyed on paper or through the web. Ava holds a B.S. in Environmental Studies, Food Systems, and Development from the University of Vermont, and is an advocate for Health and Sustainability. She’s passionate about healing and water quality, and helps others heal and evolve by changing their drinking water to the world’s greatest ionized water. Based in Asbury Park, Ava can usually be found surfing with Fiona & Ali, doodling and writing about the human experience, or seeking snacks on Cookman.

Fiona Mullen

Fiona sees life from a fresh perspective – from behind the lens and completely immersed in the ocean. Wintertime on the Northeast coastline is where she thrives. For eight years, she has been photographing these scenes at home and around the world. Since the age of 16 she has accrued a number of international awards and publications. Currently residing back home in New Jersey, working in photography and real estate.

Allie Frank

Allie finds inspiration for her creations through the rhythm of nature and movement. Some of those modalities include surfing, skateboarding and music. She creates from an open heart and mind space that’s in between what’s fantasy and real. Her pastel color pallet and playful color blocking allows the viewer to see inside of her imaginative world. Outside of being an artist she works as an independent distributor for a Water Ionizer Company, spreading her love for sustainability and helping others heal from within.


Apr 03 2021 - May 01 2021


6:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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